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The Various Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the elevation of the blood pressure to high levels usually more than 140/90mm Hg. High blood pressure does not have major physical symptoms, and that is why it is sometimes referred to as silent killer. You must seek medical attention for examination to know if you are suffering from this medical condition or not. However, here are a combination of symptoms of high blood pressure that you should concentrate on if you suspect to have high blood pressure.

Periodic heart attack is among the major symptoms of high blood pressure. For example, should you be walking down the road and you suddenly feel like you want to fall, this may be a sign that you have this medical problem. What usually happens is that, your heart encounters some sort of failure that makes it stop functioning. Slip failures might be triggered by nerve damage and stress.

If you always have a dizzy feeling, there are chances that you may be suffering from high blood pressure. People suffering from high blood pressure usually have a dizzy feeling because of their blood pressure being too high. This could be due to too much pumping of the blood into the veins and the heart overworks the brain causing the dizzy feeling.

Having some visual impairment might be a sign of struggling with high bloodstream pressure. High blood pressure patients usually complain about visual impairment problems. What usually happens is that, the blood being at a high pressure causes tension around the veins, which strains the eyesight nerves leading to someone having blurred vision.

High blood pressure usually comes with Nausea. This feeling does not usually go easily and you can experience the feeling for quite a long time. Feeling nauseated is the response of your body to having a feeling of dizziness.

A chest pain that tends to make you have a squeezing feeling in your chest may be an indication of having high blood pressure. Alongside this, one will experience some breathing problems. This forms the primary reason as to why high blood pressure patients do not usually engage in strenuous activities because of the chest pain and breathing shortage.

Having a stroke is another symptom of high blood pressure. A stroke will occur to a person when the blood circulation to the brain is disrupted causing the whole body to stop functioning.

High blood pressure is closely associated with stroke since it is concerned with the rate of flow of blood in the brain. Stroke therefore, turns out to be the biggest fear for most high blood pressure victims.

High blood pressure has short-term signs and symptoms as other signs and symptoms do develop over time. In the advance stages, the majority of the high bloodstream pressure sufferers are often confronted with organ failures. For example, kidney failure, claudicating and aneurysms. Aneurysms is the out pouching from the aorta, whereas claudicating is the disability to walk due to the crippling of the legs.

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Common High Blood Pressure Symptoms In Men

One in every three Americans suffers from high blood pressure. This adds up to about 65 million people. The risk of high blood pressure increases the moment men hit the age of 45 but it can also occur in younger men. High blood pressure also known as hypertension is the increase of blood pressure in the arteries. If not taken care of in the early stages of development, it can cause a mirage of ailments such as enlargement of the heart, aneurysms, which is a small bulge in the blood vessels, kidney damage and failure plus major damage to other main body organs. It is important to know some high blood pressure symptoms in men in order for you to know how to address the problem adequately.

Hypertension in men can cause constant and severe headaches. This is especially in hypertensive crisis, which is when the systolic blood pressure is above 180 while the diastolic pressure is below 110. Systolic pressure is the top number of your BP while diastolic pressure is the lower number of your BP (blood pressure)

A study conducted in the emergency room of a hospital indicated that 17% of all patients treated for hypertension suffered from nosebleeds, making nose bleeds a symptom of HBP. Nose bleeds can be caused by many other factors but, if you experience more than one nose bleed per week, this could be an indication that your blood pressure is consistently high. The study also indicated that nose bleeds are very common in the early stages of HBP.

Another symptom that could be an indicator of high blood pressure in men is the formation of blood clots in the eyes which is also known as subconjuctival hemorrhage. This occurs when the veins in the eyes expand to accommodate the blood pressure and then contract when the pressure eases. If this condition goes untreated, it can cause severe damage to the optic nerves.

A flushed face is another characteristic of HBP. While a flushed face may also be triggered by other factors for example sun exposure and skin care products, a flushed face triggered by hypertension happens constantly and unexpectedly. You need to seek immediate medical attention if you experience this.

Dizziness is also another high blood pressure symptom in men that should not be ignored. A sudden onset of dizziness might cause imbalance as well as a loss of coordination. Although dizziness can be caused by other factors, it is important that you consult a physician or have your blood pressure checked if you experience this.

When the arteries in the body expand to accommodate the pressure that is caused by HBP there is a decrease of oxygen supply to the heart. This can cause shortness of breath as well as difficulties in breathing. This is a major symptom of hypertension and should be taken seriously. Medical assistance should be sought immediately.

One of the major telltale signs of hypertension in men is blood in urine. This is especially so for long untreated cases of HBP. Urine in the blood occurs when the blood pressure has reached alarming levels that cause damage to bodily organs. If this is experienced, you should consult your physician immediately.

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